Those Darned Chips

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IBM has released two new types of processors: The 970MP (dual-core goodness) and a new low-power version of the 970FX. The primary company that used these processors is Apple. But that’s only for now. Back in June they announced that they were moving to Intel Processors. So, the question is, will Apple actually use these things. In my opinion, they’ll only use the MP’s. If those Wallstreet Journal and Cnet articles are correct, then Apple will be switching the low-end of their offerings to the new processors and slowly work their way up, unlike the situation with the G5’s, which started with the high-end Powermacs and (were supposed to) trickle their way down. Considering Apple is probably not going to release a new Intel-based computer this year, the new PowerMacs probably won’t make into the marketplace until late 2006 to mid 2007. That’s a long wait. Apple is not going to just keep these same processors that they’re using. Be assured, Apple’s Powermac line is going to fall in sales significantly, so Apple will need to upgrade them. And upgrading them to these dual-core MP’s will be perfect and will keep the computers competitive during the switch.
But the low-power 970FX? No. These chips are suited for laptops and I doubt Apple is going to put to the money into developing a completely new laptop for chips that are soon going to exchanged for new Intel-chips, which will probably require another redesign. And they’re not even that fast. The current high-end of these new FX’s is 1.7Ghz, which is just 300Mhz off of the current highes-end Powerbook. Secondly, although the Powerbook is advertised as more of a business machine, alot of consumers still get it. And I don’t think most consumers really care too much about what type of chip powers their computers, so long as it actually runs their apps fast enough for them. And the Powerbooks defenitely do that. Besides Freescale recently announced new low-power versions of their G4, which are far more likely to be used. So these FX’s are too little, too late.

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Written by Kumaran Vijayan

July 8, 2005 at 5:43 pm

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