Civilization IV and Spore

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I’ve added two games to my Games To Look Forward To list:

Civilization IV
Release Date: Mid-November 2005
Civilization is a game where you make a civilization. You can be pretty much any human race, from the russians to the americans to the indians. Then you build your civilization by expanding, getting into war, trading with other civilizations and so on. Civ 4 is going to be the first Civ game to sport a 3D graphics engine, which isn’t really a necessity, but really doesn’t matter, so long as the game is good.

Release Date: 4th Quarter 2006
Spore is Will Wright’s next game, and it’s all about evolution. In Spore, you start as a small little microscopic organism and slowly evolve through generations into more advanced creatures. Eventually you can become race with different cities. When you get even further into the game, you can start exploring space and actually visit thousands of planets, each with their own unique creatures which you can trade with or just go into war against :p. When this gets released, it will be milestone for gaming.


Written by Kumaran Vijayan

July 27, 2005 at 4:34 pm

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