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If you look on the sidebar, under links, there’s a link called My iTunes Registry Homepage. The iTunes Registry place is a website where you sign up and give a copy of the xml file that iTunes generates based on your playlists and the songs in your library (that is, if you have iTunes installed and have used it at all). The xml file keeps track of the info of each of your songs. Like the artist, the album it came from, the title (obviously), the number of times it’s been played, when it was last played and so on. There’s also another iTunes specific which does this, so I’m not really sure why the xml file is so important, but it’s there. So, if you enter this xml file into your account at the website, it’ll give you statistics on the different things that you listen to. It’s kind of cool.

And then there’s a new mod that I found. I guess I’m kind of on a half-life mod spree. But POKE646 is an interesting single player mod continuing after the events of Black Mesa. Apparently some sort of government agency has been created to deal with all the aliens and crap. This agency picks up an alarming number of signals from Xen (the homeworld which the half-life creatures came from) and have figured out that they’re about to open up a huge number of teleports within Nation City (a fictional city in the story of the game) and invade the earth through there. So you’re some scientist guy working on one of four generators that will stop the teleports until you get knocked out by something heavy. It’s one of the more interesting mods and also has a chance of getting ported to Source, which would be very cool.
Also, a mod called They Hunger (made by Black Widow Games) is also going to get ported to Source. Now this is going to be really cool, as They Hunger is a horror mod. It’s all about Zombies and people coming back from the dead and killing everyone. I’m looking forward to this. 🙂

I Should Be Allowed To Think by They Might Be Giants from the albume:
John Henry
4 Stars


Written by Kumaran Vijayan

July 29, 2005 at 10:25 am

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