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So, I was very wrong with my predictions for this year’s Macworld keynote. None of my predictions were true. I don’t feel all that bad however, as most other people got it wrong anyway. :p

But what did they release? Alot. Alot of kick-ass! 🙂

New iMacs and pro laptops based on Intel processors. The iMacs stayed pretty much identical except for a couple of parts, one of which was obviously the processor, switching from a G5 to a brand-spanking new, dual-core Intel Core Duo. The professional laptops, Apple’s PowerBooks got a name change to the somewhat stupid MacBook Pro while also gaining new Intel Core Duo’s as their main processors and a built-in iSight webcam.

Apple also released the new ipod radio remote. It’s an FM tuner as well as an inline remote and connects to the dock connector of any 5G iPod or Nano. They also came out with a new iPod ad featuring Wynton Marsalis’ “Sparks”. Easily their best one yet.

And, as a last point, Apple has also released a new ad for their macs. A first for 2 years (their last ad was for the PowerMac G5 which was released in mid-2003). Although, I, and some other people, have a problem with this ad. I’ll explain more in another post.

That’s pretty much it that was released. Aside from coming out with iLife ’06 and iWork ’06 and a new version of .Mac (which Apple usually updates yearly), there’s not much more to say (aside from the really sweet integration between these suites of software). One last thing though, I still think Apple will release the top three things that I refferred to in my previous post later this year. And, who knows, probably even more. 😉


Written by Kumaran Vijayan

January 13, 2006 at 4:35 pm

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