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One may wonder why I’m so excited by this ad-campaign. After all, they’re just a couple of ads that you’re going to see on television, contributing to the amount of time you have to wait until your show comes on. The thing is that ads actually work. People don’t necessarily end up buying the thing they saw in the ad because it was in an ad, but they end up knowing about the product, increasing the likelihood of someone buying the product showcased in the ad. The next time someone goes to their electronics store, just casually looking at the computers, they’ll remember, “Hey, I saw that Mac ad that said that Macs have fewer viruses than Windows PCs.” and they’ll go and look for that computer (unless the store doesn’t carry Macs). Or, the next time they go to an Apple store (this is obviously most common in US, as there are, I believe, over 100 Apple stores in the country), they’ll think of the same thing when buying their iPod. If Apple pushes the same ‘Get A Mac’ advertising campaign in their own stores, people will probably recognize the actors from the ads if they see ‘Get A Mac’ posters in the stores.

The other exciting part of this is ad-campaign is just that: it’s an ad-campaign. Apple hasn’t done an ad-campaign for their Macintosh line since the original switch ads in 2002 (which failed miserably). Almost every single other television ad that they have released has been for the iPod, with only 2 (as far as I can remember) lone mac ads, one in 2003 for the PowerMac G5 and the Mac + Intel ad released back in January. These were single loner ads that I don’t think had much of an impact, particularly the PowerMac G5 one. But with a well thought out advertising campaign, such as this, with ads not only on Television, but also in print and on billboards, it could be a completely different story.


Written by Kumaran Vijayan

May 3, 2006 at 2:08 pm

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