Knowing Little of E3

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Knowing very little about what went on at E3, I want to just say a couple of things:
Sony, you’re dumb. No, I don’t hate you for putting in Wii-like capabilities into your controllers, but I honestly think that you guys just suck. This entire PS3 thing is totally going down the tubes because of you guys and your unwillingness to let go of a couple of non-sensical things. One: Performance. You, just like Microsoft, have made one monster of a console. The imagery this thing can churn out is top-notch, but unfortunately, it falls flat in trying to actually do anything new. Then there’s price. $499!? What the hell are you guys thinking. And don’t say that people are going to see it as a media center device, because no one’s going to buy one based on it’s media center capabilities. And lastly, if you knew it was going to take this long to get Blu-Ray ready and out the door, then you shouldn’t have put it in there in the first place. Seriously, I really don’t think this thing is even going to sell well. My belief is that it’s going to crash and burn. No one’s going to buy this at launch. I’ve never seen the price of a console this high at launch, and you will only get your little hardcore Playstation community into buying it, which I honestly doubt is that big. And I saw the FFXIII trailer. What do I have to say about it? It’s Final Fantasy. There have been so many of these games that it’s become it’s own little genre. It looks like this installment is going to be just as complex, and just as… everything as the old ones. The trailer was honestly a little boring.

Microsoft, well, I don’t like you either, but I think I’d rather get an Xbox360 then a PS3 (I never thought I’d say that). I mean, the 360 isn’t really all that great of a console, but at least it doesn’t cost as much as a damn liposuction. There’s not much that I know that’s going on with the 360 at E3. But Microsoft is probably having a field-day with the PS3’s launch date.

Nintendo, get out from behind the damn curtain and meet your destiny of greatness! Watching the Red Steel E3 trailer was a little painful (it was just kind of cheesy switching between in-game footage and the person playing the game) but it was amazing seeing the game. It really showed off the capabilities of the console.


Written by Kumaran Vijayan

May 10, 2006 at 8:51 am

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  1. I thought the PS2 was $500 at launch (correct me though since I’m probably wrong). Either way, I still haven’t read up on the ‘copying Wii’ thing, though if it’s just an option to have the ‘rumble feature’ that has been default(ly) on their controllers since the PS1, then….. I laugh. =P

    But really, I’ll agree. That’s a pretty steep price. Probably only those hardcore people will buy it then (I’m reminded of the PS2 and people selling them for $1000 in the paper/eBay @_@). I know I won’t buy it at launch.

    Hey, what’s this about Final Fantasy youngin’? =P

    Rasengan Zero

    May 11, 2006 at 10:34 pm

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