WWDC 2006

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With WWDC 2006 imminent, I shall state my expectations: Intel replacement for PowerMac G5:

  • I expect the name to change to Mac Pro, as Apple has already filed that name as a trademark.
  • As for specs, I think they’ll use Intel’s Xeon processors in a dual dual-core configuration at the high-end and the lower-end Core 2 Duo’s at the for the lower-end Mac Pros.
  • I highly doubt that they they’ll significantly change the aesthetic. The current one looks just fine. However, multiple optical drives (and more hard-drive storage bays) are highly likely.
  • They might even use Nvidia’s SLI technology to allow for multiple graphics card setups.

Mac OS X Leopard:

  • I’m pretty sure this is going to be a 64 bit OS.
  • Resolution Independant UI seems like a possibility to me.
  • Apple is going to move even further away from brushed metal and go with the whole dark platinum look (and possibly get rid of brushed metal entirely).
  • Leopard will most likely not have virtualization technology built into it. Instead Apple will rely on Boot Camp for dual-boot situations and push Parallels for people’s virtualization needs.

I do not think that Apple will release or announce an iPhone, new iPod or any other new macs. Although an update to the iMac and MacBook Pro after WWDC seems likely to me.

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Written by Kumaran Vijayan

August 4, 2006 at 2:49 pm

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