Macworld January 2007 Predictions

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I don’t have any insider information or anything, but I’m just going to give my predictions.

Of course, Apple won’t be calling it that, but it’s the one thing I’m absolutely positive about for this Macworld. At this point, there are so many product rumours regarding Apple that I don’t have a damn clue as to what’s going to actually be released instead of just announced, only to be released at a later date. iTV seems to be a safe bet on the release part, as Apple announced the product September of last year. As for the whole Google Video/YouTube integration, that I’m not entirely sure about. Although that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea (although how you would search around for videos is beyond me).

Movie Store Announcements
First Apple had to prove to the rest of the industry that it could sell movies. Now that they’ve done that, they need to expand. I only really expect a couple of new studios to be added. And I guess there’s also the possibility of higher quality (720p) and expansion into other countries.

Apple Cell-Phone
To me, it seems like this is inevitable. I’m thinking it will get announced at Macworld. I don’t expect this thing to blow us away, like all the rumours have suggested. I think Apple’s going to play this safe. First they’ll release a nicely designed cell-phone that features integration with iTunes and some innovative new features (like dual batteries: one for music playback, the other for the rest of the phone). But this is definitely not going to be the shape-shifting, do-it-all phone that others are expecting.

iLife ’07 and iWork ’07
Okay, so these are coming out, no question about it. However, this year, we might just see a tables application debut in iWork.

Update and Preview of Mac OS X Leopard
This one seems likely. I do hope that Apple does preview some new features of Leopard though.

New iPod Speaker
Yeah, maybe something like a cheaper, smaller version of the Hi-Fi.

6G iPod
This one I’m not really sure about at all. Refer to my previous post on the 6G iPod for more info.

Well, let’s see how right I am this year. 🙂


Written by Kumaran Vijayan

January 4, 2007 at 8:58 pm

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