Quick Amendment To My Prediction

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I’d like to make a quick change to one of my predictions for WWDC that I made a couple of days ago. In the post, as one of the features I expected Mac OS X to gain, I said:

Filesystem change from HFS+ to ZFS. The only reason I’m predicting this is because Marc Hamilton of Sun said it. Of course, he isn’t saying that now.

I’m kind of doubtful that that’s going to happen now. What I think will happen instead will be Mac OS X gaining support for ZFS and allowing users to format drives in the filesystem format. Although it may not be used for the OS itself, it can really help features like Time Machine with it’s snapshot capabilities that I don’t think HFS+ has. One of the commenters in Marc Hamilton’s weblog puts it nicely:

My guess would be that Apple are going to advise/require users to format their dedicated Time Machine external drive as ZFS. Otherwise — if it remains as HFS+ — you get the situation where small changes to a file require an entirely new copy of it, which doesn’t sound very useful at all. ZFS’ snapshots are perfect, and don’t require the boot drive to be similarly formatted.

In other words: Way more efficient use of backup storage.


Written by Kumaran Vijayan

June 11, 2007 at 12:12 am

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