WWDC ‘07 Outcome: It’s Jobs’ Fault

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At last year’s WWDC, Steve Jobs explicitly stated that he wouldn’t be revealing some features of Leopard, as he didn’t “want Microsoft to have to start their photocopiers any sooner” than they had to. Excitement built around the OS release. The features that Apple had previewed then were pretty big, and it appeared that Jobs had promised new features of the same magnitude for next year. That quite simply was not the case. This WWDC was a let-down, not because what was talked about wasn’t good, but because it wasn’t the caliber of updates I had expected. My full thoughts follow below.


 Games On The Mac

… Yeah, I wasn’t expecting this. Now, the Mac is never going to be a gaming platform. At least not the way it is right now. But that doesn’t mean that we have to be left out on all of the fun. EA announced  a number of titles that will be shipping on the Mac (including C&C3!) and id showed off their new Tech 5 engine (Carmack said that he would have another mac related announcement at E3). This sort of stuff certainly sounds promising. Obviously the switch to Intel is definitely helping game developers.



 This is where things slide. The first few of features were interesting. The new dock, transparent menubar, stacks and the unification of the UI were pretty nice. The Finder improvements also seem nice (but I don’t think that it’s going to be what people really want) and Quick Look looks pretty handy. After that, there was nothing that was truly new. Sure, we got some more iChat and Photobooth effects, we found out that BootCamp doesn’t require that you burn driver CDs anymore and… that’s it. Everything else that Steve Jobs talked about in Leopard was no different from what he showed us last year. Gruber sums it up nicely in his post:

Apparently, these secret features consist of the new unified window theme and the Cover Flow view in Finder. This is sort of like saying you’re adding a secret new player to your baseball team and then revealing that it’s one of the existing players wearing a new jersey.


Safari for Windows and iPhone WebApps

Safari for Windows was a very interesting announcement and something that Apple should have done several years ago. Steve Jobs stated that they just wanted to see Safari’s market share grow, so they decided to port it over to Windows. But market share isn’t really the real reason. A big one is that Apple makes a decent amount of money off of Safari. Again, John Gruber

It’s not widely publicized, but those integrated search bars in web browser toolbars are revenue generators. When you do a Google search from Safari’s toolbar, Google pays Apple a portion of the ad revenue from the resulting page. (Ever notice the “client=safari” string in the URL query?)The same goes for Mozilla (and, I presume, just about every other mainstream browser.) According to this report by Ryan Naraine, for example, the Mozilla Foundation earned over $50 million in search engine ad revenue in 2005, mostly from Google.

iPhone Webapps? Well, I do like that they’re opening it up to developers and I do believe that a full SDK is simply too much to ask for at this point. But the way that Jobs’ spun this was simply despicable. He kept on saying that people would be able to make absolutely great applications using just the web-browser on the phone (which I’m sure is possible), but saying that those are on par with applications that are on the phone itself is just pure bullshit. There was no need for the spin on this.I guess that’s it for my thoughts. 🙂 


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June 17, 2007 at 7:17 pm

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  1. Safari for Windows is terrible from what I hear…and it doesn’t even work for me (images are fine, but no text shows, including the menu bar, text on the page, bookmarks, etc. There is simply no text). Plus, the bugs button triggers a crash in my Safari (irony…)

    I seriously *seriously* hope one of the Finder’s new features is stability…Finder doesn’t have that great of a stability record IMHO.


    June 18, 2007 at 5:40 pm

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