Thoughts on The New iPods

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My expectations for Apple have largely been blown away. This was a really good event with really good product announcements.

Wi-Fi Music Store
An optimized version of the iTunes Music Store (yes, only music) for the iPod touch and iPhone (it will get it through a software update). The only thing of note is that it only works over Wi-Fi, not over EDGE, which is only on the iPhone. Another example of where Apple is trying to wean themselves, and their own customers, off of cell networks.

Unfortunately, not everything that Apple talked about was all that great. Ringtones are seriously dumb. Yes, Apple’s implementation is a little lame: It only works with music bought from iTunes and you have to pay $.99 in order to use the song you already purchased as a ringtone. But that’s really not my problem with it. I don’t want to listen to someone else’s horribly compressed, extremely tinny music while I’m on the bus.

3G iPod nano
Yes, it’s the fatty. Shorter than the 1G and 2G, but wider than either. It looks like it was caught in an unfortunate accident that resulted in a terrible shortening. Honestly, I don’t think it looks all that great, but the interface improvements look really nice. I definitely look forward to trying it out.

iPod classic
Hmm, classic… I’m not so sure the adjective is necessary, but it’s still a good update. As with the nano, the most interesting, and important, change is the interface. It’s also the first standard sized iPod to get an anodized aluminum enclosure.

iPod touch
This is by far the coolest of the announcements that Apple made. Essentially the iPhone minus the phone. Unusually, Google Maps didn’t make it onto the device, but it still retains Safari, YouTube and all the great iPod functionality from the iPhone, while also gaining the new Wi-Fi Music Store.

So, I say yay to the new stuff. 🙂


Written by Kumaran Vijayan

September 5, 2007 at 7:42 pm

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