Calendars, Contacts and Ringtones

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The iPod touch can’t edit calendars, but can edit Address Book contacts. Where’s the logic in that?

Also, the Macalope on ringtones:

Boycott iTunes Ringtones.

Seriously. The Macalope’s not starting a campaign or anything, but is this not the worst “feature” you’ve seen from Apple since the iTunes update that removed Internet streaming?

I’ve never bought ringtones myself and I refuse to use any of my music as ringtones.

And not only is it a terrible feature in concept but it’s also badly implemented and buggy.

Gruber on Apple getting into this business:

Even if you agree that the entire notion of a “ringtone industry” is a racket, you might be tempted to argue that Apple would be foolish not to participate simply because it’s a profitable endeavor. But rackets seldom continue forever. Short-term, yes, surely Apple is already generating additional revenue from the sale of ringtones. But this money comes at a cost: resentment.


Written by Kumaran Vijayan

September 14, 2007 at 5:31 pm

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