MacWorld ‘08 Keynote Predictions

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With the MacWorld ’08 keynote approaching, rumours abound regarding what Apple might release next week. While last year was all about the iPhone, I think this year is going to be more of a mix of content deals and Mac related announcements.

iTunes Rentals
Yes, iTunes will get movie rentals. I’m not going to speculate on pricing or terms of service, but I doubt that every movie on iTunes will become rentable. TV Shows might get a similar treatment as well.

iTunes Rippable DVDs
This is a slam dunk, I’m sure of it. TUAW had their little post on it and it seems like an entirely legitimate and sensible thing for Apple to do.

Regardless of how hard Apple may be pushing iTunes for video downloads, it’s clear that users still want to buy their video content on DVD. And who blames them? They’re paying roughly the same price for a movie on iTunes as they would the DVD version and they receive a lower quality copy (in both audio and video) and it’s a freaking hassle to get thing on to a TV (which is where everybody watches movies anyway) unless you own an Apple TV, which is a $299 purchase unto itself. At least with this DVD idea, people get two copies of the movie that covers most of the devices people own (iPods and DVD players).

UltraPortable Laptop
Yes, an ultraportable laptop. And, according to AppleInsider, it will be a 13 incher, which is a shame, since a 13″ widescreen notebook really isn’t a suitable replacement for the 12″ PowerBook Apple axed back in 2006. Anyway, it will also have Flash memory instead of a hard-drive and will forgo the use of an optical drive. Hmm, and it will also be white. Or maybe black…

iPhone nano
There hasn’t been that much speculation surrounding this. AppleInsider ran an article back in June of 2007, but nothing else has come down the line since then. Regardless, I still believe that the iPhone product line will essentially follow an accelerated iPod timeline. Where Apple essentially took 2 years after the introduction of the first iPod to introduce lower priced models, the same will happen to the iPhone except only after 5 months of being on the street.

As for features, I’m thinking full-screen multitouch device (duh), 4GB of storage, no Google Maps, widgets or Safari, but a design that’s substantially smaller than the current iPhone. I’m thinking close to the footprint of a nano, but not quite that small.

So, let’s see how hard I fall this time.


Written by Kumaran Vijayan

January 8, 2008 at 11:00 pm

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